Observation,  Picture's Worth

“Observation” and “A Picture’s Worth” Available Now

Blogging is my way of procrastinating writing, which is why I haven’t done it in a while. Observation and A Picture’s Worth are finished!

Both titles are available on Amazon as ebooks. Observation is also available in paperback! I’m told A Picture’s Worth will have a paperback version soon.

Observation is about Erin, a recent college graduate starting her teaching career. She intends to focus on her students, but gets a little distracted by the charming assistant principal, who has taken an interest in her. Does he really just want to mentor her? Or does he want more?

A Picture’s Worth takes place on a mountainside, where Libby is on a hike to detox from her busy life as an social media influencer and amateur paparazzi. But when she gets trapped for the day with her favorite celebrity, she finds out there’s more to him than she expected.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, if you buy one book, the other is free! The back page of your ebook will give you more details!

Once you’ve read, please leave an Amazon review and let me know what you thought! I’ll be busy desperately trying to do anything other than be productive on my third book!

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