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As those of you on my email list know, I was on vacation in New York City last week! It was my first time there and I was surprised by how much I loved every grimy, crowded second of it. While I was there, I saw two shows: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live and Tootsie.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of my favorite TV shows, and it just finished its final season on The CW. If you haven’t seen it, you’re probably judging me for loving a show on The CW, but just trust me. It’s a musical comedy show about a girl who moves across the country to be with a man she dated at a summer camp many years ago. The title of the show is fitting.

The trip was actually planned around seeing the live show, as my former roommate is also obsessed with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. We even both agree that Nathaniel is the clearly the right choice for Rebecca. Anyone who watches the show can attest to this. If you disagree with me, let me know in the comments so I can reply with how wrong you are. I mean…

And when I saw that standing in the rush line for Tootsie almost guaranteed orchestra section tickets for $42, I decided to complete the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend weekend, by seeing the one and only Santino Fontana, who starred in the first season of the show.

There are almost no GIFs of him from the show, so the above one is from an interview for Frozen, in which he played Prince Hans. That’s right. That’s why when you’re listening to “Love is an Open Door,” you’re thinking Hans may be evil, but that voice, man.

Both shows were amazing and I would recommend Tootsie to anyone going to New York (especially that rush line deal!) but you’re probably wondering how this connects to the book I’m working on.

As I mentioned, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is about, well, a crazy ex-girlfriend. The main character, Rebecca Bunch, schemes and plots and does all kinds of insane unethical things to try to win back this guy. But you root for her the whole time. I’m so interested in that dynamic. A character that you love so much that you want them to win, even if they’re not necessarily being a good person.

So, I’m playing with that concept in this next book. A main character who may not have great intentions, but is still interesting and engaging enough that you like them anyway. A season 3 Jaime Lannister, if you will. What other characters can you think of that you root for despite their major flaws?

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