• Observation

    Observation Update and COVER!

    Observation is so close to publication. It has been revised, edited, revised again, and then edited again, and it is making it’s way to Amazon for your reading pleasure. Because of a super special secret bonus for y’all, it will be a couple more months before it it available, but know that it is waiting for you! As Observation is complete, we’re ready to share the cover with the world! This is the cover that will grace your Kindles, Nooks, and various other e-readers soon! To remind you, Observation is the story of Erin Butler, a first-year English teacher. While she’s trying to get her bearings, reach her students, and make new friends, she…

  • My Books,  Observation

    New Book: ‘Observation’ — coming soon!

    My first book is hitting Amazon at an undisclosed date sometime in the near future! And yes, that was incredibly vague, thank you for noticing! I signed on with Eburnean Books a few months ago and have been working on Observation ever since. It’s a novella about a new teacher, named Erin, who starts working at a high school in Kentucky and falls in love with both the profession and a certain male coworker. I taught English/Language Arts for several years before starting my writing career, so a lot of the book was inspired by my personal experience. I did not fall in love with any of my coworkers, but I…