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    My Daughter’s Playlist

    When my husband and I found out we were having a daughter, I immediately started compiling any “girl power” song I could think of. In utero, she listened to Beyonce on repeat. Music is such a powerful influencer in our lives and I wanted my daughter to be surrounded by music that would empower her. As she’s grown up to the ripe old age of two, I’ve continued to gather music into a playlist we call her “Girl Power Mix.” I thought I’d share some of my favorite’s here. Run the World (Girls) by BeyoncĂ© Most songs by BeyoncĂ© or Destiny’s Child are pretty safe bets when it comes to…

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    The Best Way to Edit Your Writing

    I have always been terrible at editing. Once I am finished with something, I feel like I’ve put in a sufficient amount of effort and shouldn’t be asked to ever look at it again. This is not how writing works, unfortunately. When I was a teacher, I would feel like an incredible hypocrite standing at the front of my class talking to my students about the importance of feedback and revisions when I secretly never revised anything I wrote throughout high school or most of college. Recently, I’ve been browsing Pinterest a lot (you know, like it’s 2012) and I’ve discovered a wealth of writing tips there. A lot of…

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    My Mexican Vacation

    Hey y’all! I just got back from a weeklong vacation in Riviera Maya, which is just outside of Cancun. When my husband graduated from law school a few months ago, we knew he was going to need some time between taking the bar exam and beginning his job to relax. Apparently, our immune systems took the relaxing a little too seriously because the day we got home, we both came down with colds. I guess that means this is a perfect time to blog, as it doesn’t require you to be able to breathe through your nose. Sigh. I had never been to Mexico before this trip, so I didn’t…